Richard Craig

Thomas Gemmell

Aaron Pennie

Stewart Macdougall

Iain Campbell

Kristopher Curran

Sasha Macpherson

Gary Hurr

Shelly Levene

John Williamson        

David Moss

George Aaronow

Richard Roma

James Lingk




Glengarry Glen Ross was produced by Gary Hurr and Aaron Pennie under The Strathclyde Theatre group banner. It was their first joint production with Gary directing and was presented on stage at Webster’s theatre in Glasgow from the 7th to the 10th of September 2016. It was a sell-out success for the company and formed the basis of the team that would become Half Wits. In order for the company to make its own stamp on David Mamet’s juggernaut tonal changes were made to the production by adding in the famous speech made by Alec Baldwin in the film of the same name to the beginning of act 1, out in front of the audience with the main cast members joining the theatre goers. Further to this in order for act 1 to be presented in a more fluid manner between the interchanging scenes a non-speaking-role of a waitress was cast. These subtle changes were marked as interesting and positive choices towards the success of the show. Half Wits has become proud of choosing challenging work, creating a fresh interpretation and when it can change the dynamic of the play to create something new.  


Reasons to be Pretty by Neil la Bute was the second joint production for Gary and Aaron in association with STG. A passion project directed by Aaron it would be his second time working on a Neil la Bute play previously acting in Autobahn. Returning actor Kristopher Curran first introduced in Glengarry Glen Ross would return to take on the lead role supported by a tight knit group of actors new to the company. Reasons to be Pretty was presented at Webster’s Theatre from the 17th to the 22nd of April 2017 and marked a change in tone for the team as it removed all aspects of set and props, honing in on the characters and the rich dialogue. It left audiences split with the events depicted, the relationships destroyed and the final decisions made. La Bute’s writing proved as interesting and dangerous as ever demanding everything from the audience and cast alike.

Original art work and design  by Anna Kraay 



Kristopher Curran

Cora McCormack

Paul Hernaes Barnes

Sophie Meade





DIRECTED BY Aaron Pennie


Wyndham Brandon 

Charlotte Granillo 


Sir Johnstone Kentley 

Kenneth Raglan 

Leila Arden 

Mrs Debenham

Rupert Cadell 

Ronald Kentley


Kristopher Curran

Eveline Novak

Sara Hamilton 

Neil Anderson

Stewart Macdougall

Jade Kelly

Jenny Ryall

Richard Craig

Aaron Robert Pennie

Rope was the third and final production to be produced in conjunction with STG. Making a dramatic shift in tone Gary once again took up the reins to direct a Mad Men style production of Patrick Hamilton’s classic text. Based on true events and Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's classic film the production invited back familiar faces from Glengarry and Reasons and introduced new actors to the company. Again, not to be outdone the team pushed the envelope that bit further by beginning with the murder, a set piece already committed when the curtain drops making the audience witnesses to the gruesome killing and disposal of the body. Gender was also something to be tampered with by recasting main and supporting roles as females in order to shift the complexities of the main antagonists creating a stronger dynamic at the core of the play. Produced back at Webster’s from the 14th to the 18th of November 2017 it was the perfect murder drama for the cold winter nights.


DIRECTED BY Thomas Gemmell


Peter Paterson

Stewart Macdougall

Jade  Kelly

Elizabeth Kane 

Richard Craig

Aaron Robert Pennie

Kristopher Curran

Gary Hurr

Oscar Madison

Felix Ungar

Cecily Pigeon

Gwendolyn Pigeon





The Odd Couple would be the first solo outing for the team under the banner Half Wits with Gary and Aaron looking to friend, thespian and director Thomas Gemmell from his role at ACAOS (Airdrie and Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Society) to take the reins on their next production. By far the biggest production to date the company would rely on the core group of actors from previous shows to take on a list of colourful characters with some new talent coming in to add to the mix. The Odd Couple was performed at the East Kilbride Arts Centre from the 14th to the 16th of June 2018 then moved to Webster’s theatre from the 3rd to the 7th of July. In the blistering heat it was the hot ticket of summer 2018 and proved a resounding success for the company. Half Wits enjoys the challenge of taking on difficult plays, none more so that asking an audience to forget Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau and believe in two characters they haven't met before. The Odd Couple was a night to be entertained. 




Kristopher Curran

Aaron Robert Pennie

Lindsay Anderson

David Gering- Hasthorpe

Aubrey McCance






Waiting for Godot was a sell-out success for the company as part of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2019. Working with a text that has from its beginning divided and enthralled audiences for the past 70 years it was a challenge for the company to bring to life Becketts masterpiece, previously quoted by critic Vivian Mercer as “a play in which nothing happens, twice.” Directed by Half•Witts co-founder Gary Hurr the production demanded an intense rehearsal schedule to match the complexity and pace of the dialogue. With some regular faces taking on the leads it was three new actors joining the company that elevated the production, producing one of the most well received plays since the company began in 2016.


Talking Heads is widely regarded as a modern comic classic, originally written for BBC Television in two series of six short monologues – ten years apart. The three monologues chosen for these performances all belong to the first series, written in 1988. Darkly comic, tragically poignant and wonderfully uplifting.

Another sell out run for Half Wits and a new adventure into the world of monologues; three accomplished actors joined the company to take command of their characters and dialogue without the distractions of a lavish set, or choreography. Something different to what has been done in the past and it was a rare opportunity to perform a compelling piece of drama in the warm setting of the Glasgow West end.

DIRECTED BY Aaron Pennie


Miriam Elwell-Sutton

Colin Johnston

Liz Ely

Bed Among The Lentils

A Chip in The Sugar

A Lady of Letters


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